My Nursing Experience

My nursing experience is ongoing. On Thursday, March 5th the Diecke Center for Nursing and Health Sciences welcomed, me and the nursing class of 2017, in a ceremony. The class of 2017 was dressed spectacularly while the classes of 2015 and 2016 sat in the rows behind. As effective as the ceremony was, this is just one aspect of my early experiences my nursing education. I am pleased with the simulation lab located in the lower level of Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. It is equipped with advanced technology and more spacious than when the SimLab was located on campus. Having the SimLab inside an outstanding hospital provides the inching feeling of being able to soon work in a grandeur setting.


The curriculum is extremely difficult. I was used to having courses like Anatomy and Physiology meeting three times a week for an hour, which now looking back is actually better since there is plenty of opportunity for review. However, for my nursing courses, since we have SimLab and class once a week, it means that we have less classroom time to soak in the information, contemplate, and ask questions. There is a lot of reading – more than I could comprehend. When you are unsure about reading, your classmates may also have the same questions as you. It takes a lot of confidence to ask the professors because you anticipate them to tell you to check in the book (which you just did!).


One of the things that helped me succeed in previous courses is taking a mock-exam, conjuring up questions that target how well I know the vocabulary, concepts, and issues. It’s all about adjustment. We learn to adapt to our environment to survive. And we will survive.