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A New Perspective

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It’s my third year in Elmhurst College and I have reminded myself to view every semester with new challenges, friendships, and opportunities.


Year Three

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I am in my third year of college, which is a big year for nursing! This is the time nursing students hone skills to care for awaiting patients in clinical settings. This semester I am placed in Elmhurst Memorial Hospital – a magnet hospital! The course, both lecture and lab portions, is fast-paced. Within the first three days of classes, two quizzes have been held! Nursing is challenging yet intellectually and physically stimulation. This is what I attend college for! To become the best professionally trained student nurse!


Aside from an extensive three weeks of nursing classwork and simulation lab time, my year starts off differently because I have been thinking a lot about relationships.


I didn’t want my college years to be a repeat of high school, so one of my goals is to have a “special” person to grow with.


This is my college years – which is suppose to be the best years of my life (so they say). I should spend this time for self-exploration and discovery. Should relationships be my priority right now?


In college I have been goal-oriented to the point where every task I need to accomplish is mandated in my schedule. I have been described by some as a Robot – always thinking logically. However, A romantic relationship surfaces the Human side of me. An aspect long suppressed and ideally-developed by morals, beliefs, and expectations.