First day of Clinical Rotations!

On my first day of clinical rotation I was on the fifth floor of Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. If you could imagine me, I was a nursing student with a fresh view of the clinical setting, saying hello to everyone – patient care technicians, nurses, medical doctors, transporters, radiologist, and speech therapists! On the first day I got to view a video swallow! On the first day I gave a subcutaneous injection! On the first day I entered an isolation room!


After I reflected on the first day, I learned that it’s not that I don’t know what I need to be able to perform – it’s that I need to focus what I already know and expand by being present mentally and physically in every clinical rotation. The first day of clinical rotation feels like being an American who has never been outside the country, adjusting due to lack of exposure. This made me realize that I don’t know how to do the more intricate skills and how much more effort and resources and knowledge professionals on the floor had to acquire to earn their bachelor’s degree they deeply coveted. Wearing this Elmhurst College nursing scrub uniform is an elite status symbol when worn in the clinical setting and I have to remind myself that I am seen as a representative of the college.