On Friday, the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art and the Elmhurst Art Museum are free to the public. They are located across the street from campus (may be mistaken as part of the college). My girlfriend and I had a wonderful time visiting these institutions.



After lunch at PieFive, we checked out the art displayed at Lizzadro. The art displayed were made from various gems, minerals, and stones such as nephrite, jasper, and amethyst. The lower level showed a map of the abundance of fossils found in Illinois!



Then in a sixty-degree weather in February we headed across Wilder Park to visit the Elmhurst Art Museum. It’s been over a year since I had visited and it was exciting to see new exhibits. Inside there was a swing in made of desks guests can swing on! Art from local communities displayed current social justice issues. Outside there a work titled SkyCube providing vision to the clouds presented in a frame!



I enjoyed the day because it was spent with my person (and as the guy in the relationship it was comforting knowing these attractions won’t hurt my wallet! haha). We saw Elmhurst College students in the Art Museum and I think more should take advantage of the free admissions and exhibits composed of Chicago and regional artists.



Soon as I figure out how to upload photos, I will I share!