Oh boy, learning so much in pediatrics. First exam is days away!

Meanwhile some things I learned in clinical rotation is that I should approach the parent more than the patient, who is a child. Children become frightened when they are told medical jargon or when told the time of their appointments. They look for their parent’s approval.


I am assigned in Central DuPage Hospital and I am allowed to document assessment findings. I am confident in my ability to assess what are within normal limits. I have had two courses in med-surg to refine my assessment skills. The first week was meant to familiarize myself with the unit. I am excited to hone new skills in family-centered care. There are plenty to learn and experience. I must be prepared each clinical day and think of this opportunity as a way to grow as a nurse.


On the first week of clinical rotation I was able to go with my patient to the operating room. Being an OR nurse is a path I wish to have the chance to work as. I was able to ask question to the performing surgeon, the prep nurse, the assisting nurse, and the anesthesiologist. I gowned up in OR scrubs, hair net, and gloves because the operating site was a sterile field.


I am eager to find out what else will unfold in my clinical rotation in the pediatrics population. Hard work and prayers!