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Steve Harvey University

I was delighted to represent Elmhurst College along with 40 people at first ever Steve Harvey University! It’s an episode dedicated for college students that focused on college life, dating, and success. The set was designed like a town hall for discussions. Other universities that were in attendance were Purdue University, Loyola University Chicago, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Chicago, and Chicago State University.


We arrived at 8:30 but Steve didn’t get on stage until 10:45 am! This gave us more time with the warm-up guy, James, and pumped us up with music and prizes. With other schools using their sporting event chants, “EC! EC! EC!” was the collective cry of the Elmhurst Bluejays.


Steve Harvey is a comedian and he showed that during the show. He warned us jokingly at the start of the show he’s just going to get progressively worse. It took about three hours for the show to complete its taping. I wonder which scenes will get cut if it is just going to be an hour long episode. Ever wondered what happens in commercial breaks? Steve speaks more, music plays, and the audience dance. There was so many cameras panning – I tried to smile at all of them!


It was my first time in the NBC towers. Fortunately I did not miss any class! The episode would air on a Monday in the month of September or early October.

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The Commute: 2-21-14

6:59 am – I brush off the fresh layer of snow on my car.

7:05 am – I take a detour to my mother’s work place due to a malfunctioning railroad crossing signals.

7:21 am – An intersection has non-operating traffic lights.

7:26 am – I drop off my mom at her work.

7:33 am – I enter I-294 Southbound.

8:00 am – I reach my destination, Elmhurst College.

8:05 am – I walk into Elementary Statistics as Dr. Stock returns last session’s quizzes.


Yes, I was late to my 8 am class. I’m sure that I was not the only student to be late to their classes today. As a commuter, I try to arrive to campus at least half an hour before the start of class. Road conditions and traffic are unpredictable especially this winter (the third snowiest and the eighth coldest winter in Chicago according to the Chicago Weather Center). Even though it’s cold, I feel safe that I can call Campus Security for assistance if my car battery requires a jump-start. I thought about having an air mattress in the trunk of my car in case a snowstorm prevents me from driving home. I think, “Well at least there will be fewer disturbances on the road after the winter!” This will probably be false because there are a plethora of potholes that needs filling, roads that require repaving, and city infrastructures that will be overdue for repairs in the spring. The next time the road slows you down, remember this quote from Lily Tomlin:

“The road to success is always under construction.” To all commuters, I remind you to be safe!