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BOT: Student Life

Being a student at a small liberal arts college allows you to interact more easily with people in high positions. Having met with the then-president Alan Ray in his office hours, being a student representative in the Board of Trustees (BOT) Investment (2013) and Student Life (present) committees – I overcame the nervous feeling of talking to people with higher profiles.
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The Science Guy’s Big Blast of Science

When I found out that Bill Nye was giving a lecture on campus from a friend, I hastily reserved a seat online. Apparently, so did everyone else on campus! I wanted to see the science guy who made science fun to learn back in elementary school. To many, it was a privilege to listen to, challenge, and take a selfie with Bill Nye.

Bill Nye still possesses zeal for science and a sense of humor. His life is all about science. One new thing I learned is the Asteroid challenge. It is the idea that for planets capable of sustaining life, like here on Earth, it must overcome large objects from space to avoid catastrophe,  like what is assumed to have happened to the dinosaurs, to maintain evolving life forms. Bill enforced the asteroid idea through the numerous craters found on the planet Mars.

The questions portion of the lecture remindedme that  Bill Nye is just a person who is entitled to his own opinion. He doesn’t have all the answers. He has a lot more gray hair now than I remember back in his 18-emmy winning show, “Bill Nye the Science Guy”. His message to the next generation is to invoke the willingness to create a positive change. He is a man acknowledging the direction the world is heading and is reiterating these effects. He and his generation have set up changes for the future and it’s up to our generation to be deliberate and act upon those changes.

To those who attended, what is something new that you’ve learned from The Science Guy’ Big Blast of Science? Was there something that you wanted to ask him? Let me know through,, and I’ll mention it on a future post.