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BOT: Student Life

Being a student at a small liberal arts college allows you to interact more easily with people in high positions. Having met with the then-president Alan Ray in his office hours, being a student representative in the Board of Trustees (BOT) Investment (2013) and Student Life (present) committees – I overcame the nervous feeling of talking to people with higher profiles.

Steve Harvey University

I was delighted to represent Elmhurst College along with 40 people at first ever Steve Harvey University! It’s an episode dedicated for college students that focused on college life, dating, and success. The set was designed like a town hall for discussions. Other universities that were in attendance were Purdue University, Loyola University Chicago, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Chicago, and Chicago State University.   We arrived at 8:30 but Steve didn’t get on stage until 10:45 am! This gave us more time with the warm-up guy, James, and pumped us up with music and prizes. With other schools using their sporting event chants, “EC! EC! EC!” was the collective cry of the Elmhurst Bluejays.   Steve Harvey is Read More »

Ways To Be More Happy :)

I was going to write how to deal with stress but I figured everyone becomes stressed but not everyone becomes happy. The last chapter covered in my Introduction to Psychology course was emotion, stress, and health. Our emotions, stress, and health can have an impact on our everyday lives and our relationships with other people. How do we become happier? Well, happiness is a choice. What you decide to do will have an impact on your emotions. Love what you do and do what you love! You should not consider that your end goal would bring you the happiness you expect, but rather appreciate the happy moments your journey provides. Find something that you enjoy. Find something that makes you Read More »

final exam for blog

Should You Start Studying For Your Final Now?

As of April 16th 2014, there are 35 days left until my first final exam. I have always struggled in comprehensive final exams. I realized it is impossible to recuperate materials learned in 16 weeks (multiply all that information by 4 for four courses). Spring break ended two weeks ago and results from second exams were returned a little more than a week ago, but I feel that it is just the right time to start going over the contents of the first six chapters.   I’m probably going to study during any free time I have after this week. I will study the materials for the next exams at the same time as reviewing materials from the start of Read More »

First-Second Semester

There is a difference in the way I approached my first and second semester. In my first semester of college, I was all about making connections. Big Questions and First Year Seminar bombarded every freshman all Elmhurst had to offer. In Big Questions, students are meeting more than 500 new faces and interacting with most of them during activities, residence hall meetings, and break time. It’s hard not to make a network of friends right away and start expanding. Even after Big Questions, several programs of the college like the Center for Professional Excellence, the Niebuhr Center, and the Patterson Center for the Health Professions keeps in contact with students for opportunities to heighten your college experience and accolades. Like Read More »

IGNITE Cultural Retreat 2014

The I.G.N.I.T.E. Intercultural retreat was an eye-opening experience. It was a weekend in Oregon, IL with Elmhurst College students from various backgrounds and interest groups who shared their stories, beliefs, and dreams. All was for the idea of embracing diversity and it’s benefits to the college campus. We delved into why we felt that the campus isn’t benefiting fully from the diversity already and devised plans for awareness.   Board members of the World Language Club, Black Student Union (BSU),  H.A.B.L.A.M.O.S., and Asian Club of Elmhurst (ACE) were in attendance. Other groups in the retreat included members from the Presidential Leadership Academy (PLA), Student Government Association (SGA), and one from men’s soccer team (shout-out to Shawn Braxton!). #UnitedNations.   The Read More »

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The Commute: 2-21-14

6:59 am – I brush off the fresh layer of snow on my car. 7:05 am – I take a detour to my mother’s work place due to a malfunctioning railroad crossing signals. 7:21 am – An intersection has non-operating traffic lights. 7:26 am – I drop off my mom at her work. 7:33 am – I enter I-294 Southbound. 8:00 am – I reach my destination, Elmhurst College. 8:05 am – I walk into Elementary Statistics as Dr. Stock returns last session’s quizzes.   Yes, I was late to my 8 am class. I’m sure that I was not the only student to be late to their classes today. As a commuter, I try to arrive to campus at Read More »


The Science Guy’s Big Blast of Science

When I found out that Bill Nye was giving a lecture on campus from a friend, I hastily reserved a seat online. Apparently, so did everyone else on campus! I wanted to see the science guy who made science fun to learn back in elementary school. To many, it was a privilege to listen to, challenge, and take a selfie with Bill Nye. Bill Nye still possesses zeal for science and a sense of humor. His life is all about science. One new thing I learned is the Asteroid challenge. It is the idea that for planets capable of sustaining life, like here on Earth, it must overcome large objects from space to avoid catastrophe,  like what is assumed to Read More »

Creative Dramatics

It was an excellent choice enrolling in Creative Drama (Theater-320) for J-term.   When people ask me about the class, I often respond that the class engages in a plethora of activities. It suffices the 300-level and fine arts requirement. Of course the class still consists of the assignments such as daily journals, a research paper and group work, all culminating to a personal resource portfolio.   At first, it seemed that we were just playing games. But each game has a purpose that contributes to the drama-theater goals, developmental goals, and leadership. What I love most about the course is that it constantly challenges each student to make connections with the mentioned goals to their field of study whether it is Read More »

Close Enough

So you’ve been trying to reach that higher grade right before the semester ended. You knew that the final exam will either break or make your grade, especially since you’re sitting on the borderline. Blackboard has been updated and you see that you didn’t receive the grade you aimed for. You might feel some sadness, but be reassured that this isn’t the end of the world…and that many of your fellow students feel or have felt what you do now.   This experience reminds me of my favorite philosophy from the book, This I Believe. It’s titled “Natural Links in a Long Chain of Being” by Victor Hanson. The following is an except from Hanson’s piece:   “We must struggle Read More »

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