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Welcome back!

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new year at Elmhurst College! unfortunately my other post was deleted and I didn’t have a back up so I will have to keep this brief. I hope everyone’s summer went well and you are all back in the swing of things for classes. I know my schedule is going to pick up soon. I have biochemistry, genetics, NMR/IR instrumentation theory, digital imaging, and physics this semester so it’s going to be hectic. Plus being one of the captains of the EC Dance Team is also hectic! Speaking of the Dance Team, try outs are today Tuesday September 8th at 4:30 and Thursday September 10th at 8:30pm! Hope to see you there! For Read More »

Dance Again poster

Showcase Season!

Sorry I haven’t updated in forever, I have been so busy with school and dance I have like no time anymore!   A few quick updates: I am taking Organic Chemistry part 2, Anatomy and Physiology part 2, Microbiology, and Digital Imaging Independent Study this semester. Classes are kicking me in the face with all the homework I have 4 labs!!! And now for the Dance show information! Here is the event link   And here is the info! The Elmhurst College Dance Team presents Showcase 2015 – Dance Again! Open to the public April 24th and April 25th at 7 PM Hammerschmidt Memorial Chapel 190 Prospect Avenue, Elmhurst, Illinois 60126 FREE for Elmhurst College students with Jaypass $5 Read More »


An Adult!?

I am 10 days away from being a teenager. That is INSANE!   My birthday, November 28th, Black Friday, the day I no longer have a 1 at the start of my age. That is so scary, don’t you think?   Anyways, I have been SUPER busy with classes so here are some quick updates: Organic chemistry is going well. Look at this cool picture! of more recrystallization! It looks like I made snowflakes or something. I love organic. Bio is going well too. We are learning about how the eye works and how the different senses functions. Way cool! English we are writing our final paper. Boring… Art is also super fun. We are working on projects now, I Read More »


Happy Halloween!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!   I had a great time. My friend from high school invited me to a viewing of the musical Chicago at the Auditorium Theatre at Roosevelt University on Halloween downtown. There was a mock speakeasy where everyone dressed up in their best flapper 20’s garb with a cabaret singer and prizes for best costume! It was really fun. We watched the movie while some of the dancers performed with the movie on the stage. It was a really exciting night!   I went to Good Will and found a dress for $10 and had the rest of the accessories which was awesome! Here’s a picture of my friends and I at that Read More »

ec mall

Homecoming 2014

Happy homecoming 2014!   I am so excited! We had such awesome fun stuff going on this week. The theme is “Bluejays Gone Wild” and there were exotic animals in the Frick Center! Including this guy! She was super heavy but it was really awesome holding her. As always, with Homecoming, there is family weekend where there are tailgates going on and food at the game. The Dance Team is performing again and I hope everyone comes out if they can! It’s gonna be a great weekend!

Dance Team Performance

Hello everyone!   It’s been a busy couple of weeks! The dance team performed their first number on Saturday and it went great! The video was too large to upload but I can put up some pictures!   I’m so glad to work with these girls on the team, and I love the atmosphere the team has! We are all just getting to know each other but dancing in the freezing cold wind and rain with one layer of pants and a tank-top-like costume, brings people together like you would not believe.   Anyway, it was also the breast cancer dance, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I will try to upload the video as soon as I can!   Read More »


All That I’ve Got

Hello everyone! For my English class, we did a song analysis paper where we critiqued the rhetorical devices and imagery used in a song and music video. The Used, my favorite band, has an amazing song called “All That I’ve Got,” one of my favorite songs. Today, September 29th is the ten year anniversary of this album, “In Love and Death’s release! Here is my analysis paper for anyone who is interested! It is kind of long, but this song deals with a lot in a four minute period, and I’m really proud of it!   I recommend watching the music video first:   All That I’ve Got   Depression is a common side effect of a great loss, especially Read More »


September Goals

Hello everyone!   The first exams of the semester are quickly approaching. So far I have had one lab practical, one organic quiz, and two exams next week. How are you all feeling on your exams?   Here is a picture of “simple columnar epithelium tissue” found in your intestines which was on the practical today.  Pretty cool, right? In organic lab, we recrystallized a new compound which was pretty fun. I actually really like organic chemistry! I hope any of you reading like it as well.   So far at dance, we are starting up the new team and everyone seems to be getting along well, which is incredibly exciting. We are doing a lot more strengthening things which is awesome. Read More »

orgo DBE

Organic Chemistry and DBE

Hi everyone! I hope classes are treating everyone well.   So far, my favorite class is Organic Chemistry. I know, weird. Dr. Losey, the main chemistry professor here at Elmhurst is one of the best teachers ever! He is so funny and a great teacher, I am really excited for this class! Also organic chemistry is totally interesting! We took this impure chemical called 1,2-trans-Dibenzoylethylene which looks basically like yellow salt, dissolved it and boiled it to make it pure and then reformed it to make crystal needle-like structures that look like this:   It is was super awesome.   Anyways, we also started dance this week which was fun. We took 10 girl from last year and 10 new ones. At Read More »


Welcome back!

Hello everyone! Hope the summer was fun. Mine definitely was, but way too short if you ask me. So over the summer, I did many things, some of which boring, some of which amazing. Some highlights are, in no particular order:   -Wisconsin State Fair with my family. Ate lots of deep friend things, saw my cousins, also saw an Albino kangaroo!   -Went to Dave and Busters and played Mini-golf with my friend, won a Pikachu, played games.   -Went to Indiana to my Uncle’s house and tubed to the point where I was thrown off and accidentally punched myself in the face, so there’s that….   -Went to the beach a few times, swam, took pictures. Unfortunately lost my Read More »

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