Merry New Year and Happy Christmas!

Wow, quite the busy last couple of weeks. With finals, moving out, and holidays, there are a lot of things to catch up on!


So finals week was rough. I only had three finals, since our FYS (First Year Seminar, kind of a college 101/philosophy class) final was a party. I had my art final, which was where we had to present all of the different projects we have done over the year. It was very cool seeing everyone else’s work and their different styles. Then was my bio final, which was definitely my hardest. It was 150 points with seven essays. 100 points was the new material we learned since our last exam, the other 50 was cumulative material of everything we had learned over the year. My friend Carolyn and I ended up staying up until 1am studying, then woke up at 5am to continue studying until it was time to take our 8am exam. Brutal and carpal tunnel, but two hours later, we emerged victorious. Then on Friday, the last day of finals, I had my chemistry test, which was a lot less intimidating than my bio one. It was only 100 points, so it was really just like a regular test. Then my roommate and I cleared out of the room, bring a total of nine bags (six of which were mine) and we were on our way home!

Picture evidence of our sea of bags:



Back tracking a bit, during finals week, there is this thing called 23-hour quiet hours, which is amazing because people can be really loud during the school year. There is a one hour relief period at night, and the Wednesday of finals week after my bio test, we had a little Christmas party. It was really fun, despite it being about an hour long. We decorated our room with streamers, made hot chocolate, gave presents, and had a really nice time I thought.




Here is our room all decorated, and none of it breaks the rules in our dorm so go us!





So after going back home, I got to go back to my high school and see all my former teachers which was really awesome. It’s an interesting dynamic being able to go back and talk about the school system and being allowed in the teacher’s lounge and stuff. Anyway, it was really fun seeing everyone. Going along with seeing everyone, I went back to my old dance studio, The Dance Workshop in Orland Park to try my hand (foot?) at pointe and ballet to see if I could do it. Since it was the week before Christmas, we learned the Spanish variation in the Nutcracker, and here is our recording of it.


Christmas Eve/Christmas was fun as well. Lots of food and gift giving. I learned how to arm knit thanks to my friend Deanna in my FYS, and I ended up making around 50 scarves for all my aunts and girl friends. Yeah, 50. But it was fun and they are easy to make! Here is the video I used to learn, and a picture of one night of scarf making.




I also got to go to the Brookfield Zoo with some of my best friends since grammar school and see the Christmas lights! I got to see the otters which are my favorite animal and it was awesome and they were so cute. We also saw a bunch of other animals and the baby gorilla they have there. It was really fun and really pretty. Here is a little taste of the pretty lights.




Also, I got another response! This time from my lovely neighbor Taylor.


1.)I think that the decisions I make today will ultimately determine my destiny. I don’t like leaving things to chance so I definitely would not want to see my future early if  I had the opportunity. 
2.) I think that that is a tough one! I often say, “Oh I wish I could do this or that!” But I wouldn’t want to give up a major skill to gain a new. I would like to acquire the skill of graphic design, photography or drawing, and I would give up the skill of tying my shoes! 
And in time for the upcoming new year where everyone is making resolutions, my hypothetical question:  If you knew for a fact that whatever New Years Resolution came true, within the general laws of physics and life (aka, no flying or living forever), but you were only allowed one resolution, what would it be?
I think mine would be to honestly stop procrastinating and leaving things to the last minute. I always get done what I need to, but often it’s at the last minute. That or being better at being organized. Every school year I start out really organized but whenever I get busy or even just lazy I throw everything into one folder, which is something I should work on.
Here is my list of New Years Resolutions:
  1. Stop procrastinating
  2. Get more organized
  3. Eat better (eating cookies for lunch in my dorm room is not good)
  4. Stop stressing out about stuff so much
  5. Overall be a better person
What are you New Year’s Resolutions? How would you answer the question? Send your responses to Samantha.Korsak@net.elmhurst.edu and they will be in the next blog! I hope you all had a great holiday and have an awesome New Year’s Eve!