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First Leap

The first week of summer I participated in a program the college and the Center for Professional Excellence sponsors called the First Leap program.


It is a great chance for job shadowing and networking opportunities. Because I am Pre-Pharmacy I was able to shadow a Convalescent Center and Walgreens retail pharmacy. It was really fun!


At the Center I was able to help refill prescriptions and label new ones for the in patients. I also got to fill up a big machine that packs pills in long strips for patients who take pills daily. I did paperwork that the regular pharmacist does and watched the pharmacy techs fill an IV bag.


At the Walgreens it was a really busy day because it was after the holiday. They were really busy and I experienced dealing with the public, which is not always the most pleasant experience… But it was a good learning experience.


Anyways, that’s all for now!