Welcome back!

Hello everyone! Hope the summer was fun. Mine definitely was, but way too short if you ask me. So over the summer, I did many things, some of which boring, some of which amazing. Some highlights are, in no particular order:


-Wisconsin State Fair with my family. Ate lots of deep friend things, saw my cousins, also saw an Albino kangaroo!


-Went to Dave and Busters and played Mini-golf with my friend, won a Pikachu, played games.


-Went to Indiana to my Uncle’s house and tubed to the point where I was thrown off and accidentally punched myself in the face, so there’s that….


-Went to the beach a few times, swam, took pictures. Unfortunately lost my sunglasses in Lake Michigan but… oh well.


-Just saw my friends and relaxed. It was really fun =)


-Started reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin based on the HBO show Game of Thrones series. Super good!



Here are some pictures from the summer!



Albino Kangaroo!



Picture of me at my Uncle’s house in Indiana on the lake



On the Rocks at New Buffalo beach in Michigan.



A couple of my friends burying my other friend at the Indiana Dunes



Exactly where I wanna be.


Anyways. this year I am taking Organic Chemistry, Digital Imaging, English, and Anatomy & Physiology.  So far coming back to school has been exciting yet also stressful. Same ol’, same ol’. This year I am also the Co-Captain of the Dance Team! I am super excited to work with everyone and hope it’ll be a great year! For anyone interested, try outs are:


Tuesday, September 2nd 8:30-10:30 pm in Faganel Hall in the dance studio, and

Thursday, September 4th, 4:30-6:30 pm in the same place.


Hope to see you there and hope everyone has a great week!