orgo DBE

Organic Chemistry and DBE

Hi everyone! I hope classes are treating everyone well.


So far, my favorite class is Organic Chemistry. I know, weird. Dr. Losey, the main chemistry professor here at Elmhurst is one of the best teachers ever! He is so funny and a great teacher, I am really excited for this class! Also organic chemistry is totally interesting! We took this impure chemical called 1,2-trans-Dibenzoylethylene which looks basically like yellow salt, dissolved it and boiled it to make it pure and then reformed it to make crystal needle-like structures that look like this:

orgo DBE


It is was super awesome.


Anyways, we also started dance this week which was fun. We took 10 girl from last year and 10 new ones. At first we were rocky cause we were so new to this but now I think we are in full swing of things and it’s pretty awesome! Anyways, that’s all for now!