About Me

My name is Samantha Korsak. Call me Sam.

This is me at my high school in the ridiculously colored graduation gown, standing between my parents with my lame little brothers on the ends.

senior 47


As you can tell, none of us look alike. I was adopted from China, and my two brothers were adopted from Cambodia. None of us are biologically related, but I love them. Even though they annoy me.
I’m a sophomore here at Elmhurst College, and major is Art/Pre-Pharmacy. I really love being creative, I love art and photography and writing, but I would like to not be living in my parent’s basement, so I’m studying to be a pharmacist. Very different things, but I am a very different person.
Activities/Clubs at Elmhurst: I’m on the Elmhurst College Dance Team, I’m in PLA, the President’s Leadership Academy, a new program here at Elmhurst, PAWS, an organization for animal lovers, and a few other things here and there. Also trying to start and Archery Club here, stay tuned, folks.

Other random interests I like, including favorite foods, TV shows, etc.:
-The Office
-Harry Potter
-Doctor Who
-The Chemical Garden Trilogy (book series)
-Big Bang Theory
-Roosterteeth/Achivement Hunter
-Orange Juice
-Apple Jacks
-American Horror Story